Reach your Customers with style

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How it Works

Reach your Customers
  • Thousands of customers looking for stylist services in and around your location over StyleHup. StyleHup can connect your customers to you and you can build your customer network and build your reputation as stylist.
Let Customers share your work
  • Styling is experience that customers love to share. More customers share your work, the better your reputation. StyleHup is place where you can share unique makeup experiences and knowledge and grow your reputation as stylist in demand
Win more business
  • With your customer network build, and your customers sharing experiences, you will get new business without any advertising. Your loyal customer base is your brand ambassadors.

Create Unique Styling Services

Styling is special to everyone and every person is looking to be unique. You as Stylist know what makes someone special. StyleHup is place where you can create unique styling experiences and grab your customer attention. Unique style enable customers to share your work and grab you more business.

Manage Your Customers

Your customer appointments are important to you. StyleHup helps you to setup appointments and payment processing for you so that you can focus on your services. StyleHup also allows you manage your customer relationships and build your own customer network over StyleHup Social network so that you will be referred by your customers to their friends

Choose Your Service Area Location

You can create unique Styling services and specify geographical region you can provide service. You can also charge travel surcharge over specified distance to reach service location.

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