Unique way to attract new customers

You can be the best hairdresser or nail artist in the world, but it means nothing if you aren’t working to promote your work to new clients. Attracting new clients to your salon is all about standing out amongst the competition.

Remember, attracting new clients to your salon is all about standing out amongst the competition. Have you discovered a unique way to increase salon clientele?

Are you constantly wondering: “how can I get more client?” Do you feel like you’re rinsing and repeating the same marketing strategies as your competitors? Are you looking for salon promotions that actually work? 

Almost every salon uses the same basic social media marketing techniques. They post on Facebook and Instagram, crossing their fingers that some potential new clients may see it. The problem is that social media is extremely noisy and do not provide feedback.

STYLEHUP  a unique way to increase salon clientele  and your business.

Despite advancements in the Marketing and social networking, the best way of getting recognized for your work is word of mouth aka satisfied customers, your style admirers.

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t be doing it of course. If used in a right way, social network can be very effective. To gain that extra exposure to outperform the competition however, you’re going to have to do something different

Stylehup is unique platform for stylists and it leverages all social media channels for promotions. It can bring all your style admirers  in to social network, so you can not only able to keep your customers in your network but also can get their social network of friends.

The platform is so simple that you don’t have to tech savvy.  As a stylist, your primary focus to show case your work and getting positive feedback from your customers. Stylehup platform will capture such feedback and make it available for your business promotion.

Special Events

Many of your satisfied customers have their special events in their life such as wedding, holidays, birthday parties, and even have their career important events such as interviews, business meetings.

When they want to get unique look and style for these occasions, you will be on top of their list.  But if you are not promoting them about your services for these occasions, YOU are losing their business.

On the Stylehup platform, we promote your work for these occasions and events.  You can promote your styling service for every special occasion and get the incremental business.

It costs nothing to setup and promote your services on stylehup platform. The platform offers all necessary booking software without any membership fee. Our business works only when you get service through our platform. 

So while there are many social media channels and marketing tools and it is hard even for specialists to discern what works and what does not. However there is a cost of lost opportunity for not promoting your work on possible avenues. Stylehup platform offers a channel to promote your work at zero opportunity cost. So why not try joining us today.

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