How to turn your customers into your style admirers?

You have been worked with customers and provided lot of styling work. Have you ever wondered how can you make your customers talk about your work with their friends, associates, and family relatives If they do, you know the benefit of such word-of-mouth publicity.

Research shows that customers who carry word-of-mouth publicity can improve your business by at least 50% over business gained through advertising. But how can you make them admire your skills and share your name with others.

In order to achieve that effect, It’s important to consider what inspires your customers to stick and talk about you.

Styling is an Experience

Styling is an experience. With your work, you are not just providing skilled work but you are creating an experience. That experience is what your customer takes with them to events such as wedding, prom nights, holiday parties, and even for very important business meetings.

When your customers cherish those events and make them feel unique, they will become your style admirers and you would be rewarded with word-of-mouth reach of new customers.

StyleHup Mission

At StyleHup, our mission is to make that happen for you! We know how important is styling work and how
much positive experience you are creating to customers. We value your skills and show everyone how you can create an unique experience.

Join our mission and be part of our stylists community today.

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