How It Works

Styling for Events

Events such as wedding, prom are important in everyone’s personal life.  Unique styling for such an event makes event   very special. You as a Stylist can make that happen.

StyleHup is the place where people can connect with stylists like you for unique styling experiences. Such unique styling experiences can make person life changing events special and unique.

Styling at your location

Through stylehup platform, You can offer styling services at your business location. You can create Service Menu and advertise your services.

Customer can setup appointments and get services and leave reviews for your professional services.

StyleHup Stylist Network

Put your work on Social Media

Stylehup platform will allow you to put your services on various social media platforms such as  Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  StyleHup platform will automically post your services created under the platform to social media outlets. It also links to your social media accounts

Generate Incremental Business


Event based styling services provide incremental business to you.  They provide opportunities to you to connect with customers and present your unique styles that can be popularized with customer base. With the StyleHup platform you can popularize your unique styles to personal events of customers and then build your customer base on social media.

StyleHup Stylist Network

Membership Details


  • No Membership fee
  • You can  mange unlimited stylist services for events
  • No restriction on geographical location for services
  • Your customer reviews are your to have
  • Stylehup service fee is only charged on service booked. You make money then we get service fee.


Yes! you read it correct!!!. We are not going charge membership fee at all. At StyleHup we believe that our business model works on giving you incremental business and when you get booking through StyleHup, we get service fee. So you can add unlimited styling services on this platform and manage them as long as you want.

Not only that, any distance surcharge charged by you for traveling to customer site also belong to you. StyleHup does not take a cut on it!

Customer who booked you through StyleHup are your customers!! The reviews they leave to you will belong to your incremenal business. We thrive to show case the unique experience customers have gotten through your service and enable more business in future.

StyleHup Service fee is charged as percentage of total service fee and its ranges 5-15% plus processing fee for credit card charges. The processing fee varies on payment method.

Our service fee enables us to adverise StyleHup on various social and online media outlets and maintain the StyleHup platform for stylists and style admirers.

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Data Privacy and Safety

We take Data Privacy and Safety very seriously.


When we talk  about Safety, we mean safety on both sides, stylists and customers.   We want to ensure that Stylist visiting customer premises only after stylist has an opportunity to learn about the physical location and customer details of the service requested. Stylist can reject booking if he/she choose to do so and block customer for future bookings!!

Similarly, customer will have an opportunity to review stylist details and personal profile and past work before they can book the service. Once they book the service, they can communicate with the stylist and ensure the safe and smooth service. If the stylist places  an address for service, then it has to be a business address and not a residential address for service offering.


Data Privacy

We at StyleHup believe that data we collect is not ours!! it belongs to the platform of Stylists and Style admirers!! So we are not intend to advertise outside parties on this platform nor we do not generate revenue by selling the data.  The platform thrives for the benefit of stylists and making their ability to show unique styling experiences to style admirers. So the data we collect on the StyleHup platform will only be used on this platform and for the benefit of stylists on this platform.